Pretty And Polished: Society’s Story

imageWhen you think of pretty, what comes to mind? Do you see yourself? Maybe a friend, relative, a celebrity possibly?

an attractive thing, typically a pleasing but unnecessary accessory:

Everyone wants to be pretty. We crave it. Somehow we feel that if we are or the more we are, people will somehow except us. And everyone wants to feel excepted to some degree. Most are right. You will be excepted. You will also be judged. Everyday. Even when we do not see it.  They will whisper . They will say “Can you believe”… They will say “What a shame”… If you are different, they will see this as a threat. If you are kind, they will take this as weakness. They will assume you have no strength.

They say not to “judge a book by its cover”… But we live in a world where we have to live up to this “standard”. So naurtally, most will play it safe. And “fit in” with whats “suppose” to be.


When you hear polished, what comes to mind? Smooth, gloss, shine?

shiny as a result of being rubbed:

Polished. It is all of the above. When I think of this word, I know that it is only “shiny” as a result of being “masked”. It was once bare. And is now applied with an outer layer. Society loves polished! It is coated and appeasing to the eye. Some use it to their advantage. Others just like the way it makes them feel.


I had an appointment at a nail salon recently. You can guess why I was there.

Yes! That is right. The famous manicure and pedicure. As I was sitting there enjoying my “me time” I suddenly looked down. Slowly, things were starting to take shape again. The polish was not applied just yet. But I smiled pleasingly at the once, half chipped color that was previously on my toes. They were bare, but I knew the end was near. And the finished product would be satisfying. My 10 minute massage was coming to an end. I sighed quietly to myself. “Just 5 more minutes”. I thought.

When I looked back up I noticed something. Something uncomfortable. I realized I was in a room full of women. All taking notice of others. And I found myself being one of them. Each of us were on our phones the majority of the time, but when we gazed up, you could see the unfriendly look on just a few faces. “How can I break the ice”? I wondered.

At this time, the technician working on my manicure was just about done as well. I slowly raised my hand in an upward position, stopped, gazing at my well polished nails. She asked me “Do you like”?

Love! I responded.

Soon I was on my way to the front desk. I slowly pulled my wallet from my purse, with as much caution as I possibly could. Still admiring my shiny, well applied nails.  A few others were checking out, all with the same satisfying look on their faces.

As I sit here typing you this story, the feeling I had that day, at the salon, has faded. Yes, my nails are still polished and painted, but not for long. They are growing again, slowly. Peeking out by my cuticle, is my natural nail. I shrug with dissatisfaction.

Next week I will be well on my way to making a phone call. “I will need an appointment for next week”. I will say.

A few days after, I will chip one while washing dishes. Several days after, 2 or 3 will be completely unpolished, from ripping open goldfish for my 4-year-old or changing a dirty diaper from my 1-year-old.

I will angrily look down at the once, gloss painted nails. They will be ruined. I will be left with the same unsatisfied feeling.


I am not shaming you for this. Nor myself. We all behave this way. But you have to ask yourself at some point, “Am I as confident as I think I am? Or should be”? Can you be content with what you already have? Somehow, I repeatedly find myself trying to improve imperfections. It can be tirelessly draining.


Confidence. Any thoughts on this particular word?

noun: confidence, plural noun: confidences
the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust:


Now we are talking! This is the key to all happiness. When you feel this, you will never go a day again questioning your decisions. You will not have to seek approval from others. And certainly will not have low self-esteem. The most inspiring people I know, have confidence. True and undeniable confidence. It shouts so loud you can hear it miles away.

You will not suspect this person or people. Because they are not the loudest in the room. They are not looking to be heard. Nor do they need it to feel complete. You will not see them compete, shout over others or deceit.

I envy this person and people. And I can only hope to someday feel this rewarding gift. It is not impossible. I am slowly learning. You can acheive this by gradually eliminating the negativity in your life. Focus on the things that matter. And live each day trying to better yourself.

One day you will wake up. You will realize how sincerely happy and content you are with your life. And you will know God has blessed you.

I have the honour of waking up to “that person” each day of my life. He and our children are the reason I strive to better myself. I love “him” endlessly for instilling in me the goodness people should have in their hearts.

If you are feeling this way, and want or need a change. Please take this advice and better yourself. As I am trying to do myself. You will be glad you did.

The last thing you want in your life, is to be “pretty and polished”.







WARNING!: Mother of 4!

As I write this blog I am filled with anger, anxiety, impatience and I feel defeated! I can’t decide whether I want to cry, throw a tantrum (like my children) scream or just throw in the towel! All of them sound suitable for the moment!

Today was rough! I have a 1-year-old. Most of you may know by now. And today she had absolutely no nap! Zero! As in nada! Not only did she drive me to insanity, but I believe she drove herself there as well! Her expressions made me suspect she was thinking the same, as she restlessly fought me off every time she threw her over-dramatic self to the floor! “I give up” I muttered to myself!

4 p.m. hit! And it felt somewhat like a hurricane! I simply lost my sh*t! I have no other words to describe. Afternoon school weeks are never easy, but today, by far, took the cake. It almost felt like someone was torturing me with fire, to say the least! “How did I get here” I thought.

Trying to multi task is not easy when your repeatedly helping two school grade children with homework! And if you have ever done 1st and 2nd grade homework, in this day and age, then you can totally relate! I mean, what are these people thinking? Not to mention a screaming toddler in your ear, all while trying to cook dinner.

For a moment, I bowed my head down, placed my hands on my forehead and for a second I could have sworn a tear fell! At least, I really wanted one too! “Maybe that will help? Just cry it out?” I thought.

“Are you ok mommy”? My 7-year-old asked, concerned. “Yes, I am fine sweetie” I answered. But in reality I wanted to jump out of the window. 

It is 6:46 p.m. Luckily I was able to somehow, gently change her clothing into pajamas and lay her down for the night. My 1-year-old that is. I am typing shakily, at the thought of her awakening. I still hear her in my head. [high-pitched cries] Is it over? I wonder. Will she wake again? I pray for a good nights rest, because lord knows I need one!

My third beer in and the stress level is still high. “Tomorrow is a new day” I tell myself. Tomorrow will be better. Will it be? 


Having kids can be difficult at times. And today is definitely one of those nights! So today I am not feeding you some thought-out bullsh*t blog. Today I am venting. For my sanity! For my peace of mind. Laying it all out. Why? Because it feels good! 

And being a mother of multiple children is not easy! Being a mother period is not easy.  But in the end it is so worth it. 

Every sweat, tear, sob, insecurity, and doubt. Because you are a MOTHER! I am a mother! A mother who these babies depend on. You are the HERO! I am the HERO! And trust me, they are worth it. 

Goodnight loves. And remember, you are NOT alone. 




Riding Dirty!

As I was driving home from school last week, two of my children were in the backseat having their daily arguements. As I turned around to say “stop that fighting with one another”, I glanced down at the floor and it suddenly hit me!

I was riding dirty! Like full on DIRTAY! As in french fries from McDonald’s Smushed and dried up, which now looked like raw mini pancakes! M&ms had been stomped upon, which caused the chocolate to smear, then eventually melted and stuck to the carpet. A cute drawing from art class had obviously been taken out of a backpack, only to be stepped on by little shoes and eventually crumbled up. Little small hair bows of the baby’s I had been desperately looking for to make her look descent for the day were spread from one side of the car to the other. And to my surprise an earring of mine! Laying right there under Giselles rainbow colored sneakers. One I have been missing for quite some time (I knew one of these spoiled girls had taken it) I thought to myself angrily.

I went on to tell the girls “quit all this fighting!” After all it was only 3:15. We had a long night ahead of us, which included two sets of homework and a fussy baby. I didn’t need this stress right now (is it too early for wine? I thought) feeling guilty as to even thinking this was ok! (What type of mother am?) I wondered.

I continue driving over the laughing, booger picking, and occasional shouting. A red light causes me to stop. I look back again, but this time I find Jovani eating a chocolate bar, right beside him, lying on the floor, is his candy wrapper. I stare at him with frustration. But he pays no mind to me. He is way too interested in the movie he is watching. As he adjusts his headphones on his little curly, blonde hair. (How can he even hear right?) I say to myself. The padding from one side had been taken off by him months ago.

The rest of the drive home I tell myself (ok tomorrow is the day! I can’t put it off. I am definitely getting a car wash. I will not let myself take one more car ride driving in such filth. I will go first thing in the morning).

The followng day I rushingly drop off the big kids, eager to wash my once sparkly, spotless, white car. And after I did, it felt great! Mission accomplished! Everything was so fresh again. I almost convinced myself it was brand new. Ready to tackle the day I thought (I can’t wait to see the teachers face at pick up). “She must have cleaned her car”. She’d say to herself.

Fast forward a week later. Today is Monday. As I sit here writing this post, I am in the same position as I once was last week. (Should I go today? Will I go at all this week? Can ants get into a car? Are they already there? Yikes! No no, I will put my foot down today! I will shout and tell them “no more food in this car, understand?!” And they will listen. Right? They have no choice).

Realistically though, this is my life. And my car is several years away from being spotless. The fresh clean smell will not last. No more than just a few days. The m&ms will turn up again. The bag of chips will soon arrive. And I will have to vaccume the crumbs spread out all throughout the back seat floor.

I have two choices. I can sit and let it ruin my day. I can aggressively shout at them and convince myself they will not eat again in our car. Or I can tell myself, they are children and this is all apart of it.

One day, several years from now, I will have the squeaky clean car, I will have no more than a bottled water, sunglasses, a purse and a few other small items that lay so neatly inside my car. I will glance back during a red light, I will hear silence. I will not see smiling, booger picking, shouting over each other faces that were once there. No folks, my car will be empty. And in that moment, a tear will fall from the side of my eye, it will roll down my cheeks and I will gently wipe it away. And I will say to myself ( I wish I was still riding dirty).






Kids & Khaos!

imageToday started out like last Saturday did. Jumping out of bed, quickly getting dressed, rushing upstairs to get all the kiddos ready, fixing up a quick breakfast, filling up our jug with water. Not having time to eat anything for myself! And leaving with a sink full of dishes and of course, let’s not forget, FORGETTING someone’s “important” stuff.

Well today the “important” stuff I forgot, was Giulianas sippy cup. 😫

And I have yet to tell you where we were headed. Excuse me for thinking you already know my daily schedule. My mind always skips from one thing to the next! My kids have permanently damaged my thinking skills.

So we start our day with Jovanis soccer game. Jovani is my only son, he is 4. And boy let me tell you, the kid is a handful. But he is my only boy, and I love him endlessly. Even when he makes me want to pull my hair out.

We finally arrive to the game. Late! What’s new?

No, not late for the actual game. Late for the warm up practice. Which is important, because these boys need a few kicks in before it actually starts.

It is a hour long game. They rotate them all, so each gets a chance to play for a descent time.

About 20 minutes into the game, I start panicking! Giuliana (my youngest) is dripping in sweat and looking for her water! Probably wondering why her irresponsible mom can’t get it together.

So naturaly I hand her Ellianas bottle of water! Elliana is my 7 year old. This probably wasn’t the best idea, considering Giuliana is just 1! I look back up at the game and Jovani scores his 1st goal! That was a proud moment.

The happy moment did not last long. I turn back around and Giuliana has spilled her water completely all over herself. By this time she is screaming! Throwing a tantrum and desperate to get out of her stroller. While my 2 oldest girls are restlessly asking for snacks and to refill their water because Giuliana has back washed in it. Right around that pleasant time my husband informs me he had to leave and head to work. I knew he was leaving early, as we had had this conversation the night before. But the dread of him leaving and saying bye in that moment was awful. Especially sitting in 95 degree weather! At 10 am! But I handled it like a boss and did what I had to do.

We are finally back in the car, which means air condition! The cold air blowing in my sweaty, red cheeked face never felt so good! And I’m sure the kids felt the same. Since they all looked like tomatoes and were not making a peep!

Did I mention I forgot the sunblock?

Anyhow, the rest of our day, in my head, was suppose to be calm. We had a birthday party later in the afternoon and my plan was to come home, put the baby down, and relax. But things don’t always go as we plan.

The day went on, and the screaming, fighting, and crying continued. I continued raising my voice and they continued trying to argue their way out of time-out!

But at the end of the night there was a calmness. There always is after bath time. It’s a time where everyone is more relaxed. And in that time and moment it hits me! Just how much I love them. And how lucky I am to have them. And I think to myself, “I would not change a thing about them”. Even with all the chaos! They are perfect!


Bloggin Aint Easy!

I am new in the game. I have lots to learn and I zoom over to Pinterest every other few minutes for plenty of pointers. I am not the most knowledgeable computer gal! But I do love to write, give advice and inform when wanted. Is that enough? Hmmm… not sure. Only time will tell. 

I do know the “blogging world” has caught my attention. And Im eager to learn more! So bare with me as I start this journey. And tune in for my daily doses! 

Easy Steps To Create The “Perfect Game Room”


What is the “perfect game room”? For each its own! But I like to think of my children’s game room as a fun escape full of made-up adventures and creative play. 

Is it always that magical when they are in there? Probably not! Or should I say definitely not! Aside from the screaming, fighting, hair pulling, and scratching each others eyes out, at some point, there is some quality play time. Which is always nice for me. I use this time to clean up the house a bit, wash/fold clothes, get dinner started and much more!

I’ve created a simple list of achieving YOUR “perfect game room”. 

My top 2 stores for game room finds are…

Ikea and Target! Yes!

IKEA (this is a big one) I bought a few storage units, baskets, shelves and some wire to display their ART work. The difference these few pieces made in our empty game room was huge! 




As you can tell, my husband is not the “hanging letters” type of guy. A few are crooked, which I was super anal about at first, but it works and looks cute! And hey, he got the job done!

We have different sections in this room. In my opinion this makes things more organized and easier for the kids to enjoy.

⇒The READ section is a nice area where the kids can grab a book and enjoy some nice reading time! My biggest regret with this is not getting a small bench underneath. But that is definitely a future project we could work on.

⇒The ART section is a nice way to display those schools drawings your children come home with. They love to see their masterpieces displayed. 

⇒The SHELVES WITH BINS make for a easy clean up. And the toys in the empty shelves adds a touch of cute decor! Now on to the next store. Which is my personal favorite! 




TARGET!!!! I get many findings here! In our game room I added a cute touch to display our school pics! For months I have been trying to figure out a way to show off all those lovely school photos! I found the wood boards with clips and the black velvet apples pieces on them in the dollar section! Along with the bright colored string lights. Now on weekend nights they can enjoy a small light show. 




One last thing I love to add our canvases! Im obsessed with these! They bring so much life to a room! And are a great touch to any house!  I always choose black & white! Which stands out and looks unique. Plus, I love seeing all their sweet faces on the wall. Makes them feel special, like they own that particular room.

You can buy a canvas just like I did from Groupon. You save so much money versus going to the actual canvas website to purchase.

We use Ryan Flores for our photography with She does an awesome job! And always has us coming back for more! Becomes some what of an addiction. Follow her on instagram at

and don’t forget her face book page

You will find tons of her work and all the sweet smiley faces. 


Wanna know the price for all these great finds? I have them listed for your convenience.  

The shelves ( I chose black for mine) are in this link below

The baskets-  These can get pretty pricey. So I bought just a few and skipped every other insert. I added some plain white ones ( which were much cheaper) in place.

Unfortunately they do not sell the wall shelves I purchased online. But i was able to find one on amazon that is very comparable. You can get it here

And the Target finds were all purchased in the dollar section which are seasonal. But if i ever need more, i plan to buy a flat small piece of wood from hobby lobby, with a small paint bottle in red (multi purpose) which you can use on wood. And purchase some clips, and red velvet apples. Grab a glue gun, and you’ve made your own!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my page! And I hope I could be of help with any game room ideas! 



The Wanna Be Pinterest Cook!

It always seems so simple! You log into your pinterest account, search for some yummy recipes, add them to a pin, and voila! You feel so productive, excited and eager for your new recipe that you had every intention of making!

In fact, you are so inspired you take it upon yourself to pin a few more meals. I mean, why not right? You have every intention of making them?

Newsflash! its not so easy when you have 4 kids running around, all asking you for different things at once. exciting right?


I’ve realized fancy dinners are just not my thang! I have taken a liking to simple crock pot recipes. Not only are they easy and simple, but the kids love them! 

One of our favs is the pot roast slow cooker. It takes about 8 hours to cook. So simply, come home after drop off, put all your ingredients in the crock pot, turn it on low and 8 hours later you will taste one of the most delicious meals eva! Yes, its that easy! Its a total win win situation. 

I hope I inspired a busy mama to cook tonight! and remember you don’t have to be the “pinterest cooker mom” to make delicious family meals.

Thanks for stopping by!