The Wanna Be Pinterest Cook!

It always seems so simple! You log into your pinterest account, search for some yummy recipes, add them to a pin, and voila! You feel so productive, excited and eager for your new recipe that you had every intention of making!

In fact, you are so inspired you take it upon yourself to pin a few more meals. I mean, why not right? You have every intention of making them?

Newsflash! its not so easy when you have 4 kids running around, all asking you for different things at once. exciting right?


I’ve realized fancy dinners are just not my thang! I have taken a liking to simple crock pot recipes. Not only are they easy and simple, but the kids love them! 

One of our favs is the pot roast slow cooker. It takes about 8 hours to cook. So simply, come home after drop off, put all your ingredients in the crock pot, turn it on low and 8 hours later you will taste one of the most delicious meals eva! Yes, its that easy! Its a total win win situation. 

I hope I inspired a busy mama to cook tonight! and remember you don’t have to be the “pinterest cooker mom” to make delicious family meals.

Thanks for stopping by! 



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