Easy Steps To Create The “Perfect Game Room”


What is the “perfect game room”? For each its own! But I like to think of my children’s game room as a fun escape full of made-up adventures and creative play. 

Is it always that magical when they are in there? Probably not! Or should I say definitely not! Aside from the screaming, fighting, hair pulling, and scratching each others eyes out, at some point, there is some quality play time. Which is always nice for me. I use this time to clean up the house a bit, wash/fold clothes, get dinner started and much more!

I’ve created a simple list of achieving YOUR “perfect game room”. 

My top 2 stores for game room finds are…

Ikea and Target! Yes!

IKEA (this is a big one) I bought a few storage units, baskets, shelves and some wire to display their ART work. The difference these few pieces made in our empty game room was huge! 




As you can tell, my husband is not the “hanging letters” type of guy. A few are crooked, which I was super anal about at first, but it works and looks cute! And hey, he got the job done!

We have different sections in this room. In my opinion this makes things more organized and easier for the kids to enjoy.

⇒The READ section is a nice area where the kids can grab a book and enjoy some nice reading time! My biggest regret with this is not getting a small bench underneath. But that is definitely a future project we could work on.

⇒The ART section is a nice way to display those schools drawings your children come home with. They love to see their masterpieces displayed. 

⇒The SHELVES WITH BINS make for a easy clean up. And the toys in the empty shelves adds a touch of cute decor! Now on to the next store. Which is my personal favorite! 




TARGET!!!! I get many findings here! In our game room I added a cute touch to display our school pics! For months I have been trying to figure out a way to show off all those lovely school photos! I found the wood boards with clips and the black velvet apples pieces on them in the dollar section! Along with the bright colored string lights. Now on weekend nights they can enjoy a small light show. 




One last thing I love to add our canvases! Im obsessed with these! They bring so much life to a room! And are a great touch to any house!  I always choose black & white! Which stands out and looks unique. Plus, I love seeing all their sweet faces on the wall. Makes them feel special, like they own that particular room.

You can buy a canvas just like I did from Groupon. You save so much money versus going to the actual canvas website to purchase. 


We use Ryan Flores for our photography with http://www.ryanfloresphotography.com. She does an awesome job! And always has us coming back for more! Becomes some what of an addiction. Follow her on instagram at 


and don’t forget her face book page 


You will find tons of her work and all the sweet smiley faces. 


Wanna know the price for all these great finds? I have them listed for your convenience.  

The shelves ( I chose black for mine) are in this link below http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80275887/

The baskets-  http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20110540/  These can get pretty pricey. So I bought just a few and skipped every other insert. I added some plain white ones ( which were much cheaper) in place.    


Unfortunately they do not sell the wall shelves I purchased online. But i was able to find one on amazon that is very comparable. You can get it here https://www.amazon.com/Kiera-Grace-Picture-23-Inch-Espresso/dp/B016955K90/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1474913349&sr=8-9&keywords=wall+shelf

And the Target finds were all purchased in the dollar section which are seasonal. But if i ever need more, i plan to buy a flat small piece of wood from hobby lobby, with a small paint bottle in red (multi purpose) which you can use on wood. And purchase some clips, and red velvet apples. Grab a glue gun, and you’ve made your own!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my page! And I hope I could be of help with any game room ideas! 




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