Kids & Khaos!

imageToday started out like last Saturday did. Jumping out of bed, quickly getting dressed, rushing upstairs to get all the kiddos ready, fixing up a quick breakfast, filling up our jug with water. Not having time to eat anything for myself! And leaving with a sink full of dishes and of course, let’s not forget, FORGETTING someone’s “important” stuff.

Well today the “important” stuff I forgot, was Giulianas sippy cup. 😫

And I have yet to tell you where we were headed. Excuse me for thinking you already know my daily schedule. My mind always skips from one thing to the next! My kids have permanently damaged my thinking skills.

So we start our day with Jovanis soccer game. Jovani is my only son, he is 4. And boy let me tell you, the kid is a handful. But he is my only boy, and I love him endlessly. Even when he makes me want to pull my hair out.

We finally arrive to the game. Late! What’s new?

No, not late for the actual game. Late for the warm up practice. Which is important, because these boys need a few kicks in before it actually starts.

It is a hour long game. They rotate them all, so each gets a chance to play for a descent time.

About 20 minutes into the game, I start panicking! Giuliana (my youngest) is dripping in sweat and looking for her water! Probably wondering why her irresponsible mom can’t get it together.

So naturaly I hand her Ellianas bottle of water! Elliana is my 7 year old. This probably wasn’t the best idea, considering Giuliana is just 1! I look back up at the game and Jovani scores his 1st goal! That was a proud moment.

The happy moment did not last long. I turn back around and Giuliana has spilled her water completely all over herself. By this time she is screaming! Throwing a tantrum and desperate to get out of her stroller. While my 2 oldest girls are restlessly asking for snacks and to refill their water because Giuliana has back washed in it. Right around that pleasant time my husband informs me he had to leave and head to work. I knew he was leaving early, as we had had this conversation the night before. But the dread of him leaving and saying bye in that moment was awful. Especially sitting in 95 degree weather! At 10 am! But I handled it like a boss and did what I had to do.

We are finally back in the car, which means air condition! The cold air blowing in my sweaty, red cheeked face never felt so good! And I’m sure the kids felt the same. Since they all looked like tomatoes and were not making a peep!

Did I mention I forgot the sunblock?

Anyhow, the rest of our day, in my head, was suppose to be calm. We had a birthday party later in the afternoon and my plan was to come home, put the baby down, and relax. But things don’t always go as we plan.

The day went on, and the screaming, fighting, and crying continued. I continued raising my voice and they continued trying to argue their way out of time-out!

But at the end of the night there was a calmness. There always is after bath time. It’s a time where everyone is more relaxed. And in that time and moment it hits me! Just how much I love them. And how lucky I am to have them. And I think to myself, “I would not change a thing about them”. Even with all the chaos! They are perfect!



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