WARNING!: Mother of 4!

As I write this blog I am filled with anger, anxiety, impatience and I feel defeated! I can’t decide whether I want to cry, throw a tantrum (like my children) scream or just throw in the towel! All of them sound suitable for the moment!

Today was rough! I have a 1-year-old. Most of you may know by now. And today she had absolutely no nap! Zero! As in nada! Not only did she drive me to insanity, but I believe she drove herself there as well! Her expressions made me suspect she was thinking the same, as she restlessly fought me off every time she threw her over-dramatic self to the floor! “I give up” I muttered to myself!

4 p.m. hit! And it felt somewhat like a hurricane! I simply lost my sh*t! I have no other words to describe. Afternoon school weeks are never easy, but today, by far, took the cake. It almost felt like someone was torturing me with fire, to say the least! “How did I get here” I thought.

Trying to multi task is not easy when your repeatedly helping two school grade children with homework! And if you have ever done 1st and 2nd grade homework, in this day and age, then you can totally relate! I mean, what are these people thinking? Not to mention a screaming toddler in your ear, all while trying to cook dinner.

For a moment, I bowed my head down, placed my hands on my forehead and for a second I could have sworn a tear fell! At least, I really wanted one too! “Maybe that will help? Just cry it out?” I thought.

“Are you ok mommy”? My 7-year-old asked, concerned. “Yes, I am fine sweetie” I answered. But in reality I wanted to jump out of the window. 

It is 6:46 p.m. Luckily I was able to somehow, gently change her clothing into pajamas and lay her down for the night. My 1-year-old that is. I am typing shakily, at the thought of her awakening. I still hear her in my head. [high-pitched cries] Is it over? I wonder. Will she wake again? I pray for a good nights rest, because lord knows I need one!

My third beer in and the stress level is still high. “Tomorrow is a new day” I tell myself. Tomorrow will be better. Will it be? 


Having kids can be difficult at times. And today is definitely one of those nights! So today I am not feeding you some thought-out bullsh*t blog. Today I am venting. For my sanity! For my peace of mind. Laying it all out. Why? Because it feels good! 

And being a mother of multiple children is not easy! Being a mother period is not easy.  But in the end it is so worth it. 

Every sweat, tear, sob, insecurity, and doubt. Because you are a MOTHER! I am a mother! A mother who these babies depend on. You are the HERO! I am the HERO! And trust me, they are worth it. 

Goodnight loves. And remember, you are NOT alone. 





14 thoughts on “WARNING!: Mother of 4!

  1. For sure you are not done you’ll go through their trials and tribulations when they turn 11 ,12 their personalities are changing ,mood swings and now of a sudden , now it’s their appearance , hair, being cool n did I say fashion , yes Fadhion . .its all about being cool it’s a non-ending story a mother’s job is never done everyone says wait till they grow up and they move out !!not true !! So get up dust yourself off and let’s start another day
    Love you

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  2. Oh how I can relate but with life’s curve balls that come at you and my two beautiful monsters MIXED !! How many times I’ve held it in with tears over flowing and a squeaky voice acting as if all is okay in front of my 9 year old, keeping calm but screaming inside because of my Patience!! One thing for sure God blessed me with patience but even then we all have our limits and braking points! Your an amazing mom!! I love that your letting all mama’s know it’s okay that we don’t have it all together ! It’s okay to vent! Its okay to feel these emotions and were not alone!! Pheww I’m not crazy lol Thank God its normal 😊😚😚 love you ! Tomorrow will be better !!

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  3. Have u considered taking your 1 yr old to a board certified pediatric chiropractor. Sounds like she’s n pain. It couldn’t hurt to check this out. They use light thumb only technology. I have taken everyone of my children & grandbabys to one and life was so much better for everyone. Dr. Taylor in Bastrop is fantastic. One visit was all it took.


    • No I have not. Typically she is more on the calm side. We had a very eventful weekend. Soccer game, birthday parties, etc. And my poor baby did not receive her proper rest. Yesterday I truly believe it caught up with her. she is napping as we speak. And today I plan on getting her back on schedule. Hopefully she can be at ease now, if not, that is definitely something I will look into. Thank you for the advice. 🙂


  4. Yep you’re definitely not alone. My blog is mostly used for venting and sanity, ha! And I only have one 15 month old boy, but heaven help me is he the biggest handful ever!! Hang in there, you have a beautiful family! 💙

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  5. Definitely not alone! Although I only have 2 boys they are night and day. Evan my oldest was always so calm I could take him with me for a pedicure and you wouldn’t even know he was there. Now Rene on the other hand he’s the little monster that could! And does! Lol. He drives me insane at least 5 days a week. He still wakes up every few hours just because he knows Mom will run into the room. Have I tried to break the habit oh yes tons of times. But guess what? Rene will get right out of his bed and hunts me down lol. The kid is non stop! When 6:30 comes along I am the happiest to lay his butt down and get some Mommy and daddy time in, binge watching Netflix! Mother hood is no joke! At times I just think this boy needs an ass whooping but then I look at his sweet cute little face and I know he’s my last little baby and I keep in mind exactly what you said Nicole…Tomorrow is another day. Babe?…Where’s my beer? 🙂

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