Pretty And Polished: Society’s Story

imageWhen you think of pretty, what comes to mind? Do you see yourself? Maybe a friend, relative, a celebrity possibly?

an attractive thing, typically a pleasing but unnecessary accessory:

Everyone wants to be pretty. We crave it. Somehow we feel that if we are or the more we are, people will somehow except us. And everyone wants to feel excepted to some degree. Most are right. You will be excepted. You will also be judged. Everyday. Even when we do not see it.  They will whisper . They will say “Can you believe”… They will say “What a shame”… If you are different, they will see this as a threat. If you are kind, they will take this as weakness. They will assume you have no strength.

They say not to “judge a book by its cover”… But we live in a world where we have to live up to this “standard”. So naurtally, most will play it safe. And “fit in” with whats “suppose” to be.


When you hear polished, what comes to mind? Smooth, gloss, shine?

shiny as a result of being rubbed:

Polished. It is all of the above. When I think of this word, I know that it is only “shiny” as a result of being “masked”. It was once bare. And is now applied with an outer layer. Society loves polished! It is coated and appeasing to the eye. Some use it to their advantage. Others just like the way it makes them feel.


I had an appointment at a nail salon recently. You can guess why I was there.

Yes! That is right. The famous manicure and pedicure. As I was sitting there enjoying my “me time” I suddenly looked down. Slowly, things were starting to take shape again. The polish was not applied just yet. But I smiled pleasingly at the once, half chipped color that was previously on my toes. They were bare, but I knew the end was near. And the finished product would be satisfying. My 10 minute massage was coming to an end. I sighed quietly to myself. “Just 5 more minutes”. I thought.

When I looked back up I noticed something. Something uncomfortable. I realized I was in a room full of women. All taking notice of others. And I found myself being one of them. Each of us were on our phones the majority of the time, but when we gazed up, you could see the unfriendly look on just a few faces. “How can I break the ice”? I wondered.

At this time, the technician working on my manicure was just about done as well. I slowly raised my hand in an upward position, stopped, gazing at my well polished nails. She asked me “Do you like”?

Love! I responded.

Soon I was on my way to the front desk. I slowly pulled my wallet from my purse, with as much caution as I possibly could. Still admiring my shiny, well applied nails.  A few others were checking out, all with the same satisfying look on their faces.

As I sit here typing you this story, the feeling I had that day, at the salon, has faded. Yes, my nails are still polished and painted, but not for long. They are growing again, slowly. Peeking out by my cuticle, is my natural nail. I shrug with dissatisfaction.

Next week I will be well on my way to making a phone call. “I will need an appointment for next week”. I will say.

A few days after, I will chip one while washing dishes. Several days after, 2 or 3 will be completely unpolished, from ripping open goldfish for my 4-year-old or changing a dirty diaper from my 1-year-old.

I will angrily look down at the once, gloss painted nails. They will be ruined. I will be left with the same unsatisfied feeling.


I am not shaming you for this. Nor myself. We all behave this way. But you have to ask yourself at some point, “Am I as confident as I think I am? Or should be”? Can you be content with what you already have? Somehow, I repeatedly find myself trying to improve imperfections. It can be tirelessly draining.


Confidence. Any thoughts on this particular word?

noun: confidence, plural noun: confidences
the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust:


Now we are talking! This is the key to all happiness. When you feel this, you will never go a day again questioning your decisions. You will not have to seek approval from others. And certainly will not have low self-esteem. The most inspiring people I know, have confidence. True and undeniable confidence. It shouts so loud you can hear it miles away.

You will not suspect this person or people. Because they are not the loudest in the room. They are not looking to be heard. Nor do they need it to feel complete. You will not see them compete, shout over others or deceit.

I envy this person and people. And I can only hope to someday feel this rewarding gift. It is not impossible. I am slowly learning. You can acheive this by gradually eliminating the negativity in your life. Focus on the things that matter. And live each day trying to better yourself.

One day you will wake up. You will realize how sincerely happy and content you are with your life. And you will know God has blessed you.

I have the honour of waking up to “that person” each day of my life. He and our children are the reason I strive to better myself. I love “him” endlessly for instilling in me the goodness people should have in their hearts.

If you are feeling this way, and want or need a change. Please take this advice and better yourself. As I am trying to do myself. You will be glad you did.

The last thing you want in your life, is to be “pretty and polished”.







6 thoughts on “Pretty And Polished: Society’s Story

  1. I absolutely loved this post. I am stuggling so much with lack of confidence, positive thinking, and contentment in my life. I hope and pray one day I too can reach this state. I care far too much of what people think, and this has been a part of me so long I have no idea how to change it. I definitely want to surround myself with more positivity, so posts such as this one help me remember that I am indeed enough as I am, and to always count my many blessings. Thank you

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