Calling All Moms Of Multiples!


You are not alone! Yes, there are more of you out there! And you deserve an applaud! Having multiple children is tough! Who’s with me? Your day is basically filled with requiring you to do for others until that sweet word sets in at the end of the evening, BEDTIME! It is almost magical. You glance at the clock, and yes, 6:00 it is! Your shift is coming to an end. And to the moms who don’t see that bright light just yet, don’t worry! It will happen for you, eventually. You too will have a child who sleeps through the night, someday.

Since becoming a mother I now know what it means “nothing can prepare you for this!”. It definitely cannot! Especially for multiple children! About a good year or two ago, people would constantly ask me ” how do you do it with all your kids? I could never! How do you make time for yourself? Did you plan all of your kids? I bet it is so hard!”. And to be honest, I use to think “whats wrong with these people? There is nothing difficult about this. It is a routine. And everyone has that”.

Now,  4 kids into it, well… lets just say, I know why they questioned my sanity.

These days, I am basically going insane! Lets, just call it full-blown , NUTS! I have two grade school kids. And a son who is now old enough to play sports! We chose soccer as his first. We have games every weekend, along with all the birthday parties, events, school functions etc. With all of this, I also have a screaming toddler to tag along. FUN right?!

My mind is all over the place. It is constant. Most days I think I need 2 of me.

At times, I question myself, ” am I being a good mom? Am I a good mother? Do I get too frustrated? Am I buying enough healthy food? Do I spend enough quality time with them all”? And then I remember, I am human. I’m not a superhero. I can’t do it all. Im not perfect. Im just taking it day by day and doing the best I can. And hoping it is enough. And in my children’s eyes, it is enough. And their opinion is all that should matter.

Motherhood can get tough. To the point where sometimes you’d like to shut down. It’s not always easy. But remember, there’s more of you out there. Doing the same thing every day. You are not alone! And somewhere down the road, we will all look back and miss these days! At least that’s what I keep telling myself! Remember,  with bigger families, comes more ears to listen, more hands to hold, more people to turn to, and definitely more craziness at holidays and parties, which can be exhausting and a blast, all at the same time.

Before I end this, I want to remind myself and all the mammas out there. This is a temporary time in our life. Children grow up. Too quickly! Time flies. In a blink of an eye, this will be my child with children of their own someday. So lets enjoy the ride while we can. Even when its WILD!


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