Christmas shopping and bat shit crazy syndrome!


Today was not my ordinary “fun shopping” as I like to call it. No, no, no… today, what started off as “fun spending” turned into my “when the f*** is this going to be over” shopping?!!

Christmas is supposed to be the most “wonderful time” of the year. You agree right? And it is…. Most of the time! But not always. Especially when your shopping with a screaming toddler the whole way through!

Have you guys been to SAMs club? Well, if you have not during this time of season, you are totally missing out! They seriously have the best gifts! For the most unbeatable prices! We left feeling very productive. We also left with a very well-behaved toddler. But that was at 10 am.

We decided to continue the “joy” shopping. Tis the season to be jolly!  Afterall, SAMs was a breeze with our then “angel child”. She had just fell asleep for her usual noon nap. We whipped out our stroller, which in that moment we greatly appreciated. It is the chicco urban stroller. (—coal/06079099220070.html?cgid=gear_strollers) It’s truly amazing! And I’m loving it more as she gets older.

Anyhow, I laid her down gently, as we happily walked our way into Target. Store #2. Everything seemed to be going splendid.

Suddenly, she awoke. We smiled down at her, as she had been sleeping for a good hour. “Hello baby!”, I said sweetly. “Hi beautiful” daddy responded, smiling down at his sweet, innocent, baby girl. Little did we know we were in for a HURRICANE!

About 10 minutes later,  we insert her into the top part of the cart. Soon after, she is oddly climbing her way out to freedom. One leg out, while the other is perfectly input. Not to mention a pacifier in her mouth, with that fresh washed blanket in her right hand, which has been washed about 7 times in the past week.

Meanwhile, she has my phone on her ear, talking to God knows who! Since she calls about 40 people per day while im shopping. I apologize to those who she dialed multiple times. And in advance to those that she will repeatedly call.

I am guilty of giving her my phone while I run my errands. It’s the only way to keep her content. A girls gotta keep her sanity.

It comes with the cost of her slamming it on the floor repeatedly and destroying my only form of communication, which lead me to now have a inaccessible phone that freezes every few minutes and randomly clicks on different icons.

“I give in! Whats the use? I lose this battle each time” I say. Before I know it, she is now uncontrollably roaming the isles of Target. The place I go for comfort, which has now turned into her desire!

She abruptly stops! Pausing. While dumb and dumber ( my husband and I) so anxiously wait for what she will do next. She then sets her eyes on a toy. Not just any toy. A “my generation doll” toy. The pink, lux car. You know, the one that plays FM radio. And makes me wish I was driving it myself.

She then innocently pushes the car down each aisle with laugher, while looking back at us with that sparkle in her eye (the one we admired when she was an infant).

I see a target employee. “How much is this toy?” I ask.

Target employee: ” $89 ma’am”.

I gasp. ” Ok” I say, looking back at my husband, as he angrily shakes his head “no”.

Quickly I put the toy back, trying my hardest to not draw attention, fearful my  toddler will notice. But I apparently “thought” too soon. Before I could walk back to our cart, she was hysterically grabbing the toy back off the shelf and throwing herself to the floor.

“How did I get here”? I ask myself silently.

She wins again! And we are soon off to the big kid section. I glance at some toys my oldest has asked santa for. While still letting my youngest drag around this $89 toy.

Its 2:30 pm. The time I head out to pick up my older kiddos from school. We walk towards the register.

I try to catch her when she’s not aware, but unfortunately she has yet to set her eyes off this toy. I build up the courage and sternly grab it and put it aside. And not to my surprise she dramatically throws herself to the ground and makes a scene, once again.

At that time my husband starts walking away.

I call for him desperately. But he has had enough.

I anxiously try to pick her up and take her toward the cash out line.

The struggle is on.

The rest  becomes a blur. I only know now that I have a pink luxury doll car in my home, that I wish my own car resembled and only had half the things this toy did.

Moral of the story… toddlers are tough! We all feel overwhelmed. Even during the most “wonderful times of the year”. You somehow have to pick yourself up and keep a positive mind, like me!

I’m going to return that sh** tomorrow morning!

Good night friends, and have some vino! Ive had more than a few!

Happy Holidays!




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