Happy Birthday Superstar! 



Recently we had a birthday in our family. My now, 7-year-old. Second born. Miss personality herself. I’ve heard by most, your second child is always different from your first. And that could not be more fitting in our particular case.

She came in with a bang! From day one she had an energetic vibe. I remember her smiling at the hospital. It was almost as if she was laughing. I instantly fell in love once again. And chuckled, as her smile was so exciting.

By age 1 she was running around in her diaper, swaying to the music. She had on a tutu, pigtails and her sippy cup in one hand. Hopping up and down, as she jumped and danced all day long. 

Nothing was stopping her by age 2. She went to dance  with her big sister and was lucky enough to stay in the same class with her and keep up with the big girls.

I have a clear memory of her at age 3. There she stood in the hallway with her sister standing in front of her. She was teaching dance and singing, giving instructions to be exact.

By age 4 I knew my hands were full! She was always the most outspoken. And funny! The girl is a natural comedian.  I remember walking into her pre-k class one day and it suddenly hit me! She was extremely energetic and outgoing at that! Not a shy bone in her body! I had a firecracker on my hands.

The first year of kindergarten she vented her heart out to me. Her first heartbreak. A disagreement with friends. We sat on the couch with her big sister and talked about it, for what seemed like hours. I shed some tears after. My heart sank. I thought “this is her first real hurt and only the beginning”. I knew from that point on it would get tough at times. Especially as she grew older.

This year my heart smiles and aches,  watching her grow and blossom into a loving young child. One whose heart is always giving but fragile at the same time. She is such a kind, loving, and thoughtful soul.

I’m excited for her future and all that she has to experience in life. I know it will be entertaining and never a dull moment. She is always the life of the party! But she is also focused, smart and driven. I’m a lucky mommy!

My hopes for her are to always be herself, which is so unique and incredibly intriguing. And to always have a voice of her own. I have no doubt she will continue to follow her dreams, as she strives and practices daily.

Its going to be a long and joyous ride and I’m looking forward to every second. Heres to my gorgeous, sassy 7-year-old. Who we all love unconditionally. And who continues to make me and everyone around her so proud!


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