Now Selling Mom Tees

I’m such a huge fan of mom tees! Not only are they comfortable, cute and stylish, but they express what we are all feeling! I recently created a relatable design with My t-shirt designs are mainly directed towards mothers.  

My very first design is for all you coffee lovers out there! God knows, I need mine daily!

Please feel free to check it out. I am new at this, but have an interest for creating. Please enjoy and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. 

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Happy Birthday Superstar! 



Recently we had a birthday in our family. My now, 7-year-old. Second born. Miss personality herself. I’ve heard by most, your second child is always different from your first. And that could not be more fitting in our particular case.

She came in with a bang! From day one she had an energetic vibe. I remember her smiling at the hospital. It was almost as if she was laughing. I instantly fell in love once again. And chuckled, as her smile was so exciting.

By age 1 she was running around in her diaper, swaying to the music. She had on a tutu, pigtails and her sippy cup in one hand. Hopping up and down, as she jumped and danced all day long. 

Nothing was stopping her by age 2. She went to dance  with her big sister and was lucky enough to stay in the same class with her and keep up with the big girls.

I have a clear memory of her at age 3. There she stood in the hallway with her sister standing in front of her. She was teaching dance and singing, giving instructions to be exact.

By age 4 I knew my hands were full! She was always the most outspoken. And funny! The girl is a natural comedian.  I remember walking into her pre-k class one day and it suddenly hit me! She was extremely energetic and outgoing at that! Not a shy bone in her body! I had a firecracker on my hands.

The first year of kindergarten she vented her heart out to me. Her first heartbreak. A disagreement with friends. We sat on the couch with her big sister and talked about it, for what seemed like hours. I shed some tears after. My heart sank. I thought “this is her first real hurt and only the beginning”. I knew from that point on it would get tough at times. Especially as she grew older.

This year my heart smiles and aches,  watching her grow and blossom into a loving young child. One whose heart is always giving but fragile at the same time. She is such a kind, loving, and thoughtful soul.

I’m excited for her future and all that she has to experience in life. I know it will be entertaining and never a dull moment. She is always the life of the party! But she is also focused, smart and driven. I’m a lucky mommy!

My hopes for her are to always be herself, which is so unique and incredibly intriguing. And to always have a voice of her own. I have no doubt she will continue to follow her dreams, as she strives and practices daily.

Its going to be a long and joyous ride and I’m looking forward to every second. Heres to my gorgeous, sassy 7-year-old. Who we all love unconditionally. And who continues to make me and everyone around her so proud!

Christmas shopping and bat shit crazy syndrome!


Today was not my ordinary “fun shopping” as I like to call it. No, no, no… today, what started off as “fun spending” turned into my “when the f*** is this going to be over” shopping?!!

Christmas is supposed to be the most “wonderful time” of the year. You agree right? And it is…. Most of the time! But not always. Especially when your shopping with a screaming toddler the whole way through!

Have you guys been to SAMs club? Well, if you have not during this time of season, you are totally missing out! They seriously have the best gifts! For the most unbeatable prices! We left feeling very productive. We also left with a very well-behaved toddler. But that was at 10 am.

We decided to continue the “joy” shopping. Tis the season to be jolly!  Afterall, SAMs was a breeze with our then “angel child”. She had just fell asleep for her usual noon nap. We whipped out our stroller, which in that moment we greatly appreciated. It is the chicco urban stroller. (—coal/06079099220070.html?cgid=gear_strollers) It’s truly amazing! And I’m loving it more as she gets older.

Anyhow, I laid her down gently, as we happily walked our way into Target. Store #2. Everything seemed to be going splendid.

Suddenly, she awoke. We smiled down at her, as she had been sleeping for a good hour. “Hello baby!”, I said sweetly. “Hi beautiful” daddy responded, smiling down at his sweet, innocent, baby girl. Little did we know we were in for a HURRICANE!

About 10 minutes later,  we insert her into the top part of the cart. Soon after, she is oddly climbing her way out to freedom. One leg out, while the other is perfectly input. Not to mention a pacifier in her mouth, with that fresh washed blanket in her right hand, which has been washed about 7 times in the past week.

Meanwhile, she has my phone on her ear, talking to God knows who! Since she calls about 40 people per day while im shopping. I apologize to those who she dialed multiple times. And in advance to those that she will repeatedly call.

I am guilty of giving her my phone while I run my errands. It’s the only way to keep her content. A girls gotta keep her sanity.

It comes with the cost of her slamming it on the floor repeatedly and destroying my only form of communication, which lead me to now have a inaccessible phone that freezes every few minutes and randomly clicks on different icons.

“I give in! Whats the use? I lose this battle each time” I say. Before I know it, she is now uncontrollably roaming the isles of Target. The place I go for comfort, which has now turned into her desire!

She abruptly stops! Pausing. While dumb and dumber ( my husband and I) so anxiously wait for what she will do next. She then sets her eyes on a toy. Not just any toy. A “my generation doll” toy. The pink, lux car. You know, the one that plays FM radio. And makes me wish I was driving it myself.

She then innocently pushes the car down each aisle with laugher, while looking back at us with that sparkle in her eye (the one we admired when she was an infant).

I see a target employee. “How much is this toy?” I ask.

Target employee: ” $89 ma’am”.

I gasp. ” Ok” I say, looking back at my husband, as he angrily shakes his head “no”.

Quickly I put the toy back, trying my hardest to not draw attention, fearful my  toddler will notice. But I apparently “thought” too soon. Before I could walk back to our cart, she was hysterically grabbing the toy back off the shelf and throwing herself to the floor.

“How did I get here”? I ask myself silently.

She wins again! And we are soon off to the big kid section. I glance at some toys my oldest has asked santa for. While still letting my youngest drag around this $89 toy.

Its 2:30 pm. The time I head out to pick up my older kiddos from school. We walk towards the register.

I try to catch her when she’s not aware, but unfortunately she has yet to set her eyes off this toy. I build up the courage and sternly grab it and put it aside. And not to my surprise she dramatically throws herself to the ground and makes a scene, once again.

At that time my husband starts walking away.

I call for him desperately. But he has had enough.

I anxiously try to pick her up and take her toward the cash out line.

The struggle is on.

The rest  becomes a blur. I only know now that I have a pink luxury doll car in my home, that I wish my own car resembled and only had half the things this toy did.

Moral of the story… toddlers are tough! We all feel overwhelmed. Even during the most “wonderful times of the year”. You somehow have to pick yourself up and keep a positive mind, like me!

I’m going to return that sh** tomorrow morning!

Good night friends, and have some vino! Ive had more than a few!

Happy Holidays!



Calling All Moms Of Multiples!


You are not alone! Yes, there are more of you out there! And you deserve an applaud! Having multiple children is tough! Who’s with me? Your day is basically filled with requiring you to do for others until that sweet word sets in at the end of the evening, BEDTIME! It is almost magical. You glance at the clock, and yes, 6:00 it is! Your shift is coming to an end. And to the moms who don’t see that bright light just yet, don’t worry! It will happen for you, eventually. You too will have a child who sleeps through the night, someday.

Since becoming a mother I now know what it means “nothing can prepare you for this!”. It definitely cannot! Especially for multiple children! About a good year or two ago, people would constantly ask me ” how do you do it with all your kids? I could never! How do you make time for yourself? Did you plan all of your kids? I bet it is so hard!”. And to be honest, I use to think “whats wrong with these people? There is nothing difficult about this. It is a routine. And everyone has that”.

Now,  4 kids into it, well… lets just say, I know why they questioned my sanity.

These days, I am basically going insane! Lets, just call it full-blown , NUTS! I have two grade school kids. And a son who is now old enough to play sports! We chose soccer as his first. We have games every weekend, along with all the birthday parties, events, school functions etc. With all of this, I also have a screaming toddler to tag along. FUN right?!

My mind is all over the place. It is constant. Most days I think I need 2 of me.

At times, I question myself, ” am I being a good mom? Am I a good mother? Do I get too frustrated? Am I buying enough healthy food? Do I spend enough quality time with them all”? And then I remember, I am human. I’m not a superhero. I can’t do it all. Im not perfect. Im just taking it day by day and doing the best I can. And hoping it is enough. And in my children’s eyes, it is enough. And their opinion is all that should matter.

Motherhood can get tough. To the point where sometimes you’d like to shut down. It’s not always easy. But remember, there’s more of you out there. Doing the same thing every day. You are not alone! And somewhere down the road, we will all look back and miss these days! At least that’s what I keep telling myself! Remember,  with bigger families, comes more ears to listen, more hands to hold, more people to turn to, and definitely more craziness at holidays and parties, which can be exhausting and a blast, all at the same time.

Before I end this, I want to remind myself and all the mammas out there. This is a temporary time in our life. Children grow up. Too quickly! Time flies. In a blink of an eye, this will be my child with children of their own someday. So lets enjoy the ride while we can. Even when its WILD!

4 Things To Tell Your Daughter


Last night my 7 year old and I were talking about her day at school. She is a shy girl. Very well mannered, kind to others and keeps the peace. She is not the type to backlash, like my 6 year old! Funny how different they all can be. But thats a different story.

Anyhow, we got into the topic of recess. We’ve discussed this time of the school day on multiple occasions. We all know, for most, this can be kids favorite. My daughters confidence is high, Id like to think,  but she is quite shy, like I mentioned. So asking friends to play sometimes can be a challenge.

When we got around to talking about who she spent her time with, she mentioned something that made my “mommy temper” rise. Sky high! She looked down. Her hands were crossed and in her lap. She glanced up at me, I could see the sadness in her face. And feel her emotion. The rush of my anger was slowly going into effect! I could read her like a book! Moms know when our kids are upset. 

She then told me she had asked two little girls on the playground if she could play with them. One said ” We are having a private conversation”! While the other shouted “Just go away”! Now, in this moment, I had two ways I could react. I could give unkind advice for her to say to those impolite girls! Or I could teach her how to take the high road. Kill em with kindness type of conversation. Which is exactly what I did.

It was not easy to keep myself from saying what was on my mind. One of the girls, she has mentioned before.  And this was not the first time she has said some “not so nice” things. As I watched her talk about this, my heart slowly began to sank. Having empathy for my daughter, is what I felt in that moment. Thinking of the rejection and sadness my baby girl endured.

I turned to her, with her sister sitting there next to us. Both waiting for my response,  gazing at me. I swallowed my pride. And the words flowed.

“There are people who are not always going to be nice. Some are mean, hurtful, and unaware of their actions. Those people, in this case, ( those two little girls) may not have the same accepting attitude as you do. But I can tell you….

You are beautiful, kind, independent, and selfless.”

I went on to say, “I only wish I had those same qualities. I would be a better person. We all admire your character and everyone around you appreciates it”. She hugged me tightly. I felt a small tear flowing down the side of my eye. I quickly wiped it away. Tucked them in, said their prayers, kissed them goodnight, and walked out.

As I type now, feeling the same hurt for her, remembering our conversation, I know everything I told her is the truth. She is unique in so many ways. There is a special presence about my oldest. She is a breath of fresh air. Her intentions are always heartfelt.  And I, like many other moms, am proud of who my daughter is. As I am, of all my children.

I know this is not the last of many heartbreaks, not just for her, but for my other kids as well. There will be more pep talks. More situations where i am faced to hold my tongue. I am not naive to this. We live in a cruel world. But as her mother, It is my job to always lift her up. And I will continuously support, and find it in my heart, to try and find the right words to say. Even when its not so easy!

Ladies, we are our children’s role models. It is our job as mothers to teach them kindness, and respect for others. Raising children is not easy. There will always be bullies. Sometimes they are our own kids. But lets do our best to instill the confidence and goodness in their hearts.

They need that from us. Now and always.



Pretty And Polished: Society’s Story

imageWhen you think of pretty, what comes to mind? Do you see yourself? Maybe a friend, relative, a celebrity possibly?

an attractive thing, typically a pleasing but unnecessary accessory:

Everyone wants to be pretty. We crave it. Somehow we feel that if we are or the more we are, people will somehow except us. And everyone wants to feel excepted to some degree. Most are right. You will be excepted. You will also be judged. Everyday. Even when we do not see it.  They will whisper . They will say “Can you believe”… They will say “What a shame”… If you are different, they will see this as a threat. If you are kind, they will take this as weakness. They will assume you have no strength.

They say not to “judge a book by its cover”… But we live in a world where we have to live up to this “standard”. So naurtally, most will play it safe. And “fit in” with whats “suppose” to be.


When you hear polished, what comes to mind? Smooth, gloss, shine?

shiny as a result of being rubbed:

Polished. It is all of the above. When I think of this word, I know that it is only “shiny” as a result of being “masked”. It was once bare. And is now applied with an outer layer. Society loves polished! It is coated and appeasing to the eye. Some use it to their advantage. Others just like the way it makes them feel.


I had an appointment at a nail salon recently. You can guess why I was there.

Yes! That is right. The famous manicure and pedicure. As I was sitting there enjoying my “me time” I suddenly looked down. Slowly, things were starting to take shape again. The polish was not applied just yet. But I smiled pleasingly at the once, half chipped color that was previously on my toes. They were bare, but I knew the end was near. And the finished product would be satisfying. My 10 minute massage was coming to an end. I sighed quietly to myself. “Just 5 more minutes”. I thought.

When I looked back up I noticed something. Something uncomfortable. I realized I was in a room full of women. All taking notice of others. And I found myself being one of them. Each of us were on our phones the majority of the time, but when we gazed up, you could see the unfriendly look on just a few faces. “How can I break the ice”? I wondered.

At this time, the technician working on my manicure was just about done as well. I slowly raised my hand in an upward position, stopped, gazing at my well polished nails. She asked me “Do you like”?

Love! I responded.

Soon I was on my way to the front desk. I slowly pulled my wallet from my purse, with as much caution as I possibly could. Still admiring my shiny, well applied nails.  A few others were checking out, all with the same satisfying look on their faces.

As I sit here typing you this story, the feeling I had that day, at the salon, has faded. Yes, my nails are still polished and painted, but not for long. They are growing again, slowly. Peeking out by my cuticle, is my natural nail. I shrug with dissatisfaction.

Next week I will be well on my way to making a phone call. “I will need an appointment for next week”. I will say.

A few days after, I will chip one while washing dishes. Several days after, 2 or 3 will be completely unpolished, from ripping open goldfish for my 4-year-old or changing a dirty diaper from my 1-year-old.

I will angrily look down at the once, gloss painted nails. They will be ruined. I will be left with the same unsatisfied feeling.


I am not shaming you for this. Nor myself. We all behave this way. But you have to ask yourself at some point, “Am I as confident as I think I am? Or should be”? Can you be content with what you already have? Somehow, I repeatedly find myself trying to improve imperfections. It can be tirelessly draining.


Confidence. Any thoughts on this particular word?

noun: confidence, plural noun: confidences
the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust:


Now we are talking! This is the key to all happiness. When you feel this, you will never go a day again questioning your decisions. You will not have to seek approval from others. And certainly will not have low self-esteem. The most inspiring people I know, have confidence. True and undeniable confidence. It shouts so loud you can hear it miles away.

You will not suspect this person or people. Because they are not the loudest in the room. They are not looking to be heard. Nor do they need it to feel complete. You will not see them compete, shout over others or deceit.

I envy this person and people. And I can only hope to someday feel this rewarding gift. It is not impossible. I am slowly learning. You can acheive this by gradually eliminating the negativity in your life. Focus on the things that matter. And live each day trying to better yourself.

One day you will wake up. You will realize how sincerely happy and content you are with your life. And you will know God has blessed you.

I have the honour of waking up to “that person” each day of my life. He and our children are the reason I strive to better myself. I love “him” endlessly for instilling in me the goodness people should have in their hearts.

If you are feeling this way, and want or need a change. Please take this advice and better yourself. As I am trying to do myself. You will be glad you did.

The last thing you want in your life, is to be “pretty and polished”.






WARNING!: Mother of 4!

As I write this blog I am filled with anger, anxiety, impatience and I feel defeated! I can’t decide whether I want to cry, throw a tantrum (like my children) scream or just throw in the towel! All of them sound suitable for the moment!

Today was rough! I have a 1-year-old. Most of you may know by now. And today she had absolutely no nap! Zero! As in nada! Not only did she drive me to insanity, but I believe she drove herself there as well! Her expressions made me suspect she was thinking the same, as she restlessly fought me off every time she threw her over-dramatic self to the floor! “I give up” I muttered to myself!

4 p.m. hit! And it felt somewhat like a hurricane! I simply lost my sh*t! I have no other words to describe. Afternoon school weeks are never easy, but today, by far, took the cake. It almost felt like someone was torturing me with fire, to say the least! “How did I get here” I thought.

Trying to multi task is not easy when your repeatedly helping two school grade children with homework! And if you have ever done 1st and 2nd grade homework, in this day and age, then you can totally relate! I mean, what are these people thinking? Not to mention a screaming toddler in your ear, all while trying to cook dinner.

For a moment, I bowed my head down, placed my hands on my forehead and for a second I could have sworn a tear fell! At least, I really wanted one too! “Maybe that will help? Just cry it out?” I thought.

“Are you ok mommy”? My 7-year-old asked, concerned. “Yes, I am fine sweetie” I answered. But in reality I wanted to jump out of the window. 

It is 6:46 p.m. Luckily I was able to somehow, gently change her clothing into pajamas and lay her down for the night. My 1-year-old that is. I am typing shakily, at the thought of her awakening. I still hear her in my head. [high-pitched cries] Is it over? I wonder. Will she wake again? I pray for a good nights rest, because lord knows I need one!

My third beer in and the stress level is still high. “Tomorrow is a new day” I tell myself. Tomorrow will be better. Will it be? 


Having kids can be difficult at times. And today is definitely one of those nights! So today I am not feeding you some thought-out bullsh*t blog. Today I am venting. For my sanity! For my peace of mind. Laying it all out. Why? Because it feels good! 

And being a mother of multiple children is not easy! Being a mother period is not easy.  But in the end it is so worth it. 

Every sweat, tear, sob, insecurity, and doubt. Because you are a MOTHER! I am a mother! A mother who these babies depend on. You are the HERO! I am the HERO! And trust me, they are worth it. 

Goodnight loves. And remember, you are NOT alone.